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Woody Guthrie


The father of the Folk Music Revival, Woody Guthrie’s spirit infused the songs that glued together protest and counterculture in the face of bloody opposition, forever changing the United States and the world. Once considered a Communist anthem,”This Land Is Your Land” endured to become a melodic beacon for democracy and human rights.

JJ Mason has always had an innate sense to perform. Music attracted him initially and he began playing guitar in 3rd grade and honed his craft throughout his life performing in bands, acoustic acts and by himself. After graduating college with highest honors with a degree in education, JJ became a certified elementary and middle school teacher and used his classroom as his stage. Realizing that more time was required to properly pursue music, he soon completely devoted himself to his music career.


Since then, JJ’s band, UNDERCOVER has grown to be one of the best cover, rock, dance bands in the area and his solo act, Just JJ – Acoustic is equally acclaimed. Both acts combined perform over 100 shows each year and his business, Starving Artist houses all his music endeavors. 
JJ Mason is native to the Pittsburgh area and still resides just east of the city. He is extremely honored to be cast in such an iconic role as Woody Guthrie.


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