Both talent and family-spirit mattered most to us in casting 116. It turned out to be axiomatic actually: To recreate the true spirit of The Gaslight,  we had to do what Gaslight owner John Mitchell himself did and ask two big questions: Does this person have exceptional talent, and will this person laugh, squabble, love and respect the other actors like part of a family growing up together in an old coal cellar in the East Village?

There were no casting calls. We did not audition as much as interview. We often spent an hour or more with each prospective cast member. They sang, they acted, they interacted with us. We did it one role at a time, almost always by referrals from within the cast to colleagues they respected professionally in Pittsburgh, New York, and L.A. who would complete the new Gaslight family.


Cast parties months and weeks before the first day of shooting? Absolutely! The result is an extraordinary blend of over sixty speaking roles in which the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, and The Gaslight is reborn. We not only respect and admire our cast. Like family, we love them.

—The Producers