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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali, crazy, brilliant, argues with Andy Warhol in the front row of the Gaslight. Tonight, Dali has brought his wife, his mistress, and his pet ocelot that has its own chair at the table.

Douglas Tjelmeland (chumaland) began his international modeling career in 1989 – a magical journey that took him from his Ag Pharm career and family farming business in Iowa to the centers of the international fashion world.


Perhaps best known in his career as one of the faces of Ralph Lauren Polo advertising and promotions for a decade, Douglas has also been featured in major campaigns that included Perry Ellis, Corneliani, LaCoste, Henry Cotton and Valentino.  Other notable clients were J. Crew, Donna Karen, Brooks Brothers, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, PGA, Delta Airlines, Calvin Klein (fit model), and Victoria Secrets men’s under-garments (when they had product for men).  He appeared in top designer runway shows and in international and national commercial catalogues.  


His work has been seen in countless publications, including American and British GQ, American and British Esquire, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Mondo Uomo, and Uomo Vogue. He rounded out his talent career by studying Meisner acting technique at William Esper in New York City, and he has kept that craft alive in TV commercials and film.


Douglas was represented by 22 modeling agencies all over the world and he remains active today.  CLICK NYC remains his mother agency.


Douglas grew up in Iowa on a large grain and livestock farm before modeling changed his residences to Milan, Paris, London and New York City.  He currently lives in Pittsburgh for his children, where he has developed his business, 500 Daylight Studio, which combines his vast modeling experience with his photography for clients nationally and internationally.  During his youth on the farm, he developed a passion for the Mid-West’s raw beauty in landscapes and animals that has carried over in the reflected organic quality in his work behind the camera today.  Over the years Douglas has cared for horses and has taught riding, trained horses and judged competitions – a passion for him to this day.  


In 116 MacDougal, Douglas re-creates to perfection one of the most complex, paradoxical, and fashionable artists of modern culture—Salvador Dali.  Like Dali, Douglas is a combination of dramatically diverse experiences and sensibilities.  From his own life, Douglas truly understands what it must have been like to be Salvador Dali.  


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