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The Management Team

Vincent Restauri



Mr. Restauri grew up in the Pittsburgh area. In 1967, he left to attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale in 1971, and came back to Pittsburgh. He enrolled in Law School at Duquesne University, and graduated in 1977 with honors.

He is the Screenwriter and Producer for  116 MacDougal.  Other full-length motion picture screenplays by Mr. Restauri include "The Privilege," "The Senator's Fire," "Defeated" (a love story about a disgruntled husband who, finally, gives up), "Someone Better," and "House Arrest" (the entire US House of Representatives is kidnapped and driven to a secret location by two wacky, disgruntled Starbucks baristas and held hostage until broad legislative reforms are passed).




Robert Buzzelli is a multi-faceted investment banker.  He manages private wealth and and analyzes overall strategic growth opportunities.   He is the managing director at TerraNova Capital Partners and a shareholder in TerraNova's parent company, New World Financial Holdings LLC. 




Julia attended Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in New York

in conjunction with working as a Wilhelmina Model. She is granddaughter of John Mitchell and is forging a path in the film industry. Recently she has formed her own production company, Paradox 88 Films with offices in New York and Venice Beach.  As advocate for women's rights, she has independently raised over 32,000 dollars for the DayOne organization. over the past 16 years,

Lynda Brower Schneider



Lynda hails from the original mythical town of Mayberry, from the cult classic television series “The Andy Griffith Show” and actually grew up in the same neighborhood as Andy’s parents.  She attended Southern Wesleyan University in Central, SC.  Lynda has been an entepreneur  since her early 30's and always had a passion for helping others and for charity work.    

She is currently an Executive Producer and Publicist for 116 MacDougal and Publicist for the award-winning movie Relentless.  Additionally she represents Relentless'  Director and writer, Lance Trace, David Castro, the movie's male lead, and Lance Tracy's upcoming movie, Special Interest Agent which is scheduled to film in Cambodia, Syria, Morocco, and the US in 2022.

Quartararo 2.jpg



Philip Michael Quartararo is an American music industry executive. He has held positions as CEO at Virgin Records, Warner Bros. Records and EMI, and has been involved in the careers of recording artists ranging from Linkin Park to Josh Groban to the Spice Girls. Quartararo is known as a defender of artist rights. He has spoken out on the fight against music piracy and the need to restore the value of music. Quartararo is regarded as one of the most promotion-minded executives in the music business and is regarded as a thought leader on the subject of partnership between brands and artists.




For the past 16 years, Stephanie has had the privilege of working on and producing the experiential marketing plans for some of the most reputable and respected blue chip companies in and around the world: American Express, Microsoft, Virgin Mobile, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott and Nikon to name a few. 

Recently,  Stephanie made the move from New York City to Bell Gate Farm, her childhood home in Coopersburg, PA.   With her expertise in the events realm, she quickly made this venue into a beautiful place that is enjoyed by all.  This unique space, Bell Gate Farm, was recently named "Best Event Venue in the Lehigh Valley" .

 Stephanie is now beginning the next phase of her life and bringing all her talents and expertise to the production team of 116 MacDougal.  Stephanie does not accept the word "no" ever and always makes the impossible, possible.  She brings this wonderful attitude & her vast talent to 116 MacDougal.  

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