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Peter Yarrow

Peter Yarrow, recently from Cornell University, wants a career as a solo Folk singer, but impresario manager Albert Grossman has something entirely different in mind for him. Yarrow wants to make a difference but Grossman wants to make him world-famous.

Chad Conley is an American actor/producer who started his acting career in 2010. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the only child of Michelle Cochran and the late Bob Conley. He soon developed a gift for hard-nosed competition and getting into trouble.  Growing up with a strong passion for movies and sports, Chad found inspiration at a young age from hero-type character actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Clint Eastwood.  Chad’s competitive mindset for incompromising excellence in sports like football, boxing, and skateboarding has carried over to his film career.

After working on an episode of the television series Unusual Suspects in 2012 as a murder suspect, Chad starred in the low budget indie film “The Other Side” as Chris Sullivan, for which he won Best Actor at the HorrorHound Magazine film festival. In 2017, Chad played the supporting character Riggs, a hitman/bodyguard in the independent film “The Chop.”


He concluded 2017 with another award-winning performance, this time in a short film called “Truce,” a story of American soldiers and PTSD during the Vietnam War. Truce won several film festival awards—and for his performance as Moe Roberts, an Army solder who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice, Chad won the award for Best Actor at the Atlantic City Cinefest.

Like Peter Yarrow whom he portrays in 116 MacDougal, Chad is an intense performer. He seeks to build a loyal following with every performance. With a strong Christian belief, Chad hopes that his journey and career in film will inspire others to pursue their God-given gifts with the purpose of having a positive impact on society.


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