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Mrs. Costalucci

Mrs. Costalucci, The Gaslight’s upstairs neighbor, has a problem at 2 AM. John Mitchell’s solution will wind up in the theme song for a new, hit TV detective series called “77 Sunset Strip.”

Terri Fleming Middleton was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the daughter of Robert and Mary Barbara Fleming (Roach).  After a career in business, she decided to pursue her love of acting in film, which led to her appearances in, among other movies, "The Next Three Days, “ and “The Lifeguard, in which she played Matt's aunt, and “The Immaculate Reception,” which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.  In 116, she is the character who subtly forces the combative John Mitchell to never forget what it means to be kind and caring, one-on-one. It is a reflection of Terri’s own nature and life—which helps account for her compelling performance.

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