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Len Chandler

A University of Akron music graduate, Len Chandler brought music theory to some of The Gaslight’s most famous singers. It didn’t matter to him or anyone else in the special place of peace called the East Village that he was a Negro married to a white woman. Years later, Len brought his musical talent and commitment to racial equality to marches alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jerome first became interested in music when his mom tried to teach him to play the piano.  As a kid he was always writing poetry, and it wasn't until he started experimenting with putting those words to the piano that he started the journey of becoming a songwriter/musician. 

Since those early days, music has become his passion and a major driving force in his life.  Music has had a profound impact on his life in so many ways, and now he is pursuing his passion by mixing music with acting.  His ultimate goal is to have even a fraction of an impact on others through his art.  

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