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Cinematographer, Musical Director, & Musical Producer

Krystyn B. Schneider, Cinematographer, Musical Director, and Musical Producer has dedicated her life to her craft, bringing the emotion and organic beauty of her projects through from the set to the screen. She grew up studying music and photography from the young age of 4, and spent years as a professional musician before spreading her wings into the world of photography and cinema with her award winning work being published and distributed internationally. 


From Australia to New York, Krystyn has traveled for both commercial and personal projects.  One of her favorite projects to date was at the iconic, McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica where she first found herself immersed in the world of the Gaslight Cafe, filming and directing the Noel Paul Stookey special. 


In her element, on set and in the studio, she loves collaborating with both seasoned professionals and up and coming talent. She has a distinct way of connecting to the people she is working with and knitting together the perfect story with a combination of elegant sounds and captivating imagery.  Krystyn has emerged as a refreshing young talent in a world of cinema veterans, always willing to put the story first. 

116 MacDougal Movie, Creative Director, Krystyn B Schneider
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