Brooks Forester 


Jack Kerouac

A brilliant, handsome, profane, iconoclastic, alcoholic, womanizing misogynist, Jack Kerouac—one of Allen Ginsberg’s best friends and a founder of The Beat Generation—often read from his novels, poems and novellas at The Gaslight. His “On the Road” has been required reading in countless literature and history classes around the world.  

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Brooks Forester is an upcoming Actor /Director living in California .  He is known for Scooby Doo's: Daphne & Velma, Amazon Studios: Successful People, and other short form content. He has appeared in several National commercials for brand such as Can-Am, Ford, McDonald's, BMW and more. As a Director he's recent short film S"tate Of Mind" was recently accepted to the Moment Invitational Film Festival in NYC.