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Carolyn Hester

Exceptionally beautiful, Carolyn Hester, known as the "Texas Songbird" was the pioneer female folksinger and songwriter of the modern Folk Revival.  She encouraged fledgling artists like Bob Dylan, who made his first appearance on her album accompanying her on harmonica.

Haley Johnsen 

Born in Oregon to musical parents, Haley grew up around everything from pop, classic rock,  country, and gospel, an appreciable quality that is easily recognized in her original songs. As a student, she began to learn the guitar, quickly shifting her focus from choral and a cappella ensembles to her solo work. Her first national attention came from a strong run on a reality music competition, and has since maintained a strong following that stretches well beyond her hometown of Portland. 

She is currently back in the recording studio, having just released her two new singles "Lift Me Up" and "Close to You", two songs that represent her duality as a rock performer as well as emotive and powerful pop singer.

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